[BCAB] Outlook 2016 Calendar

Andrew Hodgson andrew at hodgsonfamily.org
Mon Mar 19 17:23:42 GMT 2018


Try going into day view by doing ctrl+alt+1.

That helps a lot.
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Subject: [BCAB] Outlook 2016 Calendar


Since we went from Office 2010 to Office 2016 at work I've had real problems
using the Outlook calendar with Jaws 16. When I tab between the events on a
particular day instead of coming to a dead end it goes to the next event in
my calendar and I can't tell when this has happened and I'm in a different
day without using the arrow keys to go back and forth. All day events don't
appear to be read at all, but Jaws will say "One all day event" and
sometimes it will say there is, for example, two events on a particular day
when there might only be one. Is there a setting I need to change?

Thanks for any advice,


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