[BCAB] Pairing a Bluetooth speaker to a laptop

David Reynolds david at dkreynolds.plus.com
Tue Mar 20 12:26:42 GMT 2018

My point is that the speaker won't simply pair. You probably need to 
find the pairing button on the speaker. Andrew's suggestions will come 
to nothing unless the speaker can be detected,


On 20-Mar-18 12:21 PM, Colin Phelan wrote:
> Hi Claire, far be it from me to add to David's response as he is much more savvy on Tec issues than me.
> I understood it very much depended on your operating system.
> For example windows 7 does not do this very well but later systems do.
> I would take Mo up on his offer.
> I bought one on amazon a couple of weeks ago for £2.35 from memory
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> Claire,
> To a certain extent, this depends on the speaker. Do you have any pairing instructions for it.
> Normally, you have to hold down a button on it to make it discoverable by the PC, but there's no standard. There may even be a pair button, but in cases where there isn't, it may be a case of holding down the on/off button.
> In theory though, there's no reason why you can't do this,
> David.
> On 20-Mar-18 11:27 AM, Claire Potter wrote:
>> Hi list, I know this is a slightly odd question but does anyone know if and how I would go about pairing a Bluetooth speaker to a Windows PC? My speaker did have a 3.5mm cable so I could just use that to plug it into the headphone socket of the PC, unfortunately though, the cable became damaged and I can't find another cable, so I'm wondering if I can pair the speaker to the PC via bluetooth instead? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
>> Warm regards, Claire Potter
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