[BCAB] accessing multiple calendars

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Although I don't have experience of how that works these days, your mail did
remind me of how accessible the DOS calendar was with probably thousands of
users showing calendars in around 1983.  Progress eh?

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Hi all.  At work we are discussing ways of accessing each other's calendars.
In the past a word document has been used that everyone puts their diary in
but of course this is not ideal.


I am happy managing my own calendar but I don't have much experience of
working with multiple calendars effectively.  Is this possible with JAWS?
Currently I am using Outlook 2010 but I think an upgrade to Outlook 2016 is
on the cards.


We can ensure we are using the latest version of JAWS if required.


So my question is whether it's possible to access multiple calendars in a
way that is accessible?  How do you move between the calendars to view
everyone's calendar for a particular day?  If this is not easy for a
screenreader user it would be useful to  know this.





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