[BCAB] my tv shopping experience

john gallagher john at pianotuner.plus.com
Wed Mar 21 08:56:42 GMT 2018

  hi all
so, yesterday i went in to leeds and had a look at the tv's. 
apparently the new stock will be coming in to the store in april and the people in the store had no idea what would be coming or if the aye lady works on their tv's. 
at least we got pat a music system that she can actually use by pressing buttons. 
i also heard the sonos range must say very very impressive. the play 1 was much smaller than i thought it would be. the sound of the play 5 is very good indeed though i really must say. 
now i must take a look at the blue sound. 
must find a store in leeds so i can have a good look. 
again for blind people at least we have more choice now. 
trouble is people in the store do not know anything about access for us at all. it's hard digging around to see what's really happening. for me a 40 inches tv is too big i would need a 32 inches tv but of course i don't think any access is on these things yet but, is the aye lady on these things yet.    

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