[BCAB] iPlayer Audio Description on iPhone

Jackie Brown jackieannbrown62 at gmail.com
Thu Mar 22 13:41:53 GMT 2018

Hi Yusuf

I'm really confused now! (smile.)  On my Fire tablet, I can 100% promise
everyone that if I go into the iPlayer, choose Audio Description from the
menu, then look for those programmes, I get AD whether it was on last night
or last week.  I can't verify on my iPhone though, I haven't tried it.

Kind regards,

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Having read the discussion related to ITV and audio description which has
drifted in to the iPlayer I thought I'd try and play something with audio
description using the latest BBC iPlayer App on my iPhone7 running the
latest IOS. I've tried playing the latest episodes of both Eastenders and
Shetland but have not been able to get audio description to play. I also
tried the documentary on the attempted assassination of Adolf Hitler. There
doesn't appear to be an audio description button in the player itself, which
is really disappointing as the subtitles button is there. Yes I've turned
that on just to make sure that audio description doesn't come on as well,
but it doesn't. I've looked in the settings but can't find anything relevant
to audio description. I've also tried doing a search using Google but
couldn't find anything on how to actually turn on audio description, aside
from using the category audio described, which I couldn't find in the App.
Incidentally, and this has rather annoyed me as well, I can't find how to
turn audio description on, but I was able to find a Q&A on how to turn it

I must be doing something wrong, but what it is I've not got a clue. Can
anyone help?

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