[BCAB] Using ITV Hub with Audio Description on Amazon Fire HD

Graham Page gpage at useit.plus.com
Thu Mar 22 15:45:44 GMT 2018

Hi Kerry.  OK so it's the same situation as with the IPhone when it comes to BBC stuff.  I wonder why this rather odd limitation exists at all?



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Hi Graham.

No.  Unfortunately it's the most current episode of anything that is 
audio-described.  If you want to hear previous episodes you have to log 
in via the silk browser and go that way.  It's a bit of a faff but it is 


On 21/03/2018 13:23, Graham Page wrote:
> Hi Jackie.
> Does audio description  with BBC IPlayer work on the Kindle Fire these days?
> On the IPhone it seems you get audio description for the most recently
> available  episode but not earlier ones.
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> For anyone who hasn't used an Amazon Fire tablet and the ITV Hub, I had some
> experience of this over the weekend when I went to Scotland.  I took my Fire
> tablet with me so that I could catch up on my two favourite soaps when I
> went to bed.  I must say that I found this really good as I got Audio
> Description, and had no issues navigating the ITV Hub either.
> Interestingly, when I reached the programme I wanted to listen to, I
> discovered that VoiceView said: 'Audio Description' rather than Play, so
> when I double-tapped on that, the programme started.  I previously used the
> ITV Hub on my iPhone but, as we know, without Audio Description.
> So if you are still thinking about whether or not to purchase a Fire tablet,
> I do recommend it at least for the ease of navigation within the ITV Hub.
> Kind regards,
> Jackie Brown
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