[BCAB] web page help.

david chatten-smith davechsmith at hotmail.com
Fri Mar 23 16:26:16 GMT 2018

it is  my radio servier ssite.
 i have foudnd the upload  files button but wen it goes on the next page 
none of the buttons work?
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> Hi Dave.
> what's the website?
> cheers,
> Mo.
> On 23/03/2018 16:10, david chatten-smith wrote:
>> Hi
>>   i use a s website and on  that sight there is something that i  have to 
>> click with the mouse pointer to actavate it.
>>   i use    jaws is there anythin i can do  to get around this, as i need 
>> sighted help  each time i need to click / actavate it?
>>   can i not have a custom hot key for that part of the webpage?
>>   any urgent help is welcomed.
>>   thanks
>>   david
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