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Hi John, Tom et al

It firstly depends on your budget.  One of these bulk standard plastic jobs
from Currys etc is acceptable if you have limited funds and only want
something that is very basic and not expandable.  Some of these devices have
accessibility issues as well.

If you want to dip your toe into the world of wireless speaker systems, then
you are stepping up in price and sophistication.  Steve will obviously lay
claim to Bluesound being top dog because he sells it, and because he enjoys
high-end audio.

I have some Sonos kit and frankly find it meets all my needs.  The app on
iOS, Android and the PC is fully accessible, Sonos customer support is
outstanding, and while their speakers and TV products are expensive,
Bluesound is really costly.  There are other wireless speaker systems such
as Bose, Samsung, the Apple HomePod and GGMM.

It really depends on what you want and how far you are prepared to go.

Kind regards,

Jackie Brown
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hi tom,
i have just got pat a #200 stereo system an jvc. 
firstly she can use the cd on it to play her cd's she also can use the fm
and dab radio but, to put in a station in to a preset is a real pain. i even
find it hard so maybe the best way is to get a much better speaker system
for the echo. again it depends on what you want but, for a totally blind
person like many things in life hi systems are getting so hard for us to
use. so you can have blue sound which really sounds very good but it's damn
expensive and also you have the sonos route which again costs a lot but if
you can use an i device or an android device their app is very good for us
blind folk. 
i now am wondering which way to go only this morning i am getting my 32 inch
samsung tv and i am wondering what to do about the sound of it it's either
the sonos or the blue sound for me. 
cheers then.

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> Hi folks, I want an all-in-one system. We've got loads of coulds.
> I've also got an echo, but, the sound isn't good enough for classical 
> music, great with a G&T though.
> I see Steve recommended Blue sound on the eyes-free list.
> What do others think?
> Where can I get a look.
> Tom
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