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hi just wonder if it would be worth getting in touch with them with regards to access. 

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> Hi,
> Talking of Hi Fi and things, I thought I'd let you know about my 
> experience of Qobuz on the computer.
> Firstly, the service itself is fantastic: I had not realized how much I 
> wanted streaming in cd quality and above until I got it, the sound is 
> brilliant.
> I subscribed to the sublime plus level which gives you everything, 
> especially good for classical music because it gives you access to the 
> 96 24 bit streaming, where the files are available.
> You can also purchase from their shop studio quality files, haven't done 
> this yet because I have nothing to play them on; that will be my next 
> investment.
> Using the app with nvda works well, the search facility produces well, 
> though the screen is full of links which say Link, Clickable, link 
> clickable, or link, or Graphic clickable.
> But the lay-out remains consistant, so once you know what does what you 
> can make it work.
> You can play whole albums without a problem, I have a keyboard which has 
> play, pause, previous and next buttons which allows you to move through 
> albums, but i have not found a way yet to go forward and back within a 
> single playing track on the player interface, but i haven't really 
> wanted to. Also can't find the buttons for previous/next track etc on 
> the app itself. So use the buttons on your keyboard if you have them.
> The android app has lots of unlabeled buttons, but again the lay-out 
> remains consistant so you can work it out.
> If you want the highest quality mp3 files for your phone this is the 
> place to get them.
> In-fact, with much prompting it will let you download 96 24 bit 
> recordings which my phone can play, and what a sound it makes. Actually 
> it shows what good sound phones actually have, especially with good 
> quality headphones.
> I have spent the last week searching all the things I had once on vinal, 
> and so far they have all been available.
> One last thing, the program does not work at all on screen reader, you 
> can't even access their site because that does not wirk with internet 
> explorer.
> You can use their web player on the site with firefox, though on this 
> you can only stream cd quality files.
> Kelvin.
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