[BCAB] for paul re image for windows image restoration

Paul Nugent paul.k.nugent at btinternet.com
Sat Mar 31 18:57:26 BST 2018

Hi John,

I have downloaded the correct file for Windows 10, and run the exe file and
burned to a CD-Rom. I have checked the CD and it looks as though it has
worked fine. Now I also ran Image for Windows and stored the backup on an
external drive. I am assuming that I can then run the restore facility on
the CD-Rom to restore the stored backup file? I can't turn my machine off at
the moment as I am guessing it won't reboot again, so I am having to trust
that everything I have done is correct. If the shop gives me a brand new
machine, will the restore still work on the new hard disk? I know I have to
boot from the CD-Rom and will have to change the bios, to change the boot
order, which I am not looking forward to. Is there any easier way of doing
this so that I can at least attempt to test out the CD-Rom? I think I need
to chance this as eventually I am going to take the machine back, but am
hanging on while it is still running.

Thanks very much, and any other advice you might have for me will be
gratefully received. If you wish to reply off the list then my email is:-

Paul.k.nugent at btinternet.com

Kind regards

Paul Nugent

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Hi Paul, you didn't say which operating system you're running. In any event
you'll need the talking Win PE boot disk. The one Bryan Smart produced a few
years ago was for windows 7, although I've heard that it will also work with
Win 10.
  There are two releases listed on the download page, and for this purpose
you need release 1, which is a talking boot disk. The link to the page on
Bryan Smart's site is
  I've used both releases, and they both work wonderfully.
  There is a later one, released around 2016 which I understand is for Win
10. As I'm not running 10 I haven't used it. The link is
                 good luck,

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