[BCAB] downloading Audible books from Audible on an IPhone or Android?

Steve Nutt steve at comproom.co.uk
Mon Apr 1 12:32:16 BST 2019

Thanks for this Pele, very useful.

All the best


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Hi Steve

To speed up a book you say "Alexa, Read Faster". Below is a list of all the
Alexa Audible commands. They can also be found at 


Voice Commands for Listening on Alexa Devices Alexa opens up a new world for
listening to books. Try some of these commands.

Listen to an audiobook
"Alexa, read my book" (plays your last books listened to) "Alexa, read [Tom
"Alexa, read [The Hobbit] from Audible" 
Pause your audiobook
"Alexa, pause" 
Resume your audiobook
"Alexa, resume" 
"Alexa, play"
Go back or go forward
"Alexa, go back" 
"Alexa, go forward" 
"Alexa, go back [45 seconds]" 
"Alexa, go forward [2 minutes]" 
Skip chapters
"Alexa, next chapter" 
"Alexa, previous chapter" 
"Alexa, go to chapter number [7]" 
"Alexa, go to last chapter" 
"Alexa, restart" 
Narration speed
"Alexa, read faster" 
"Alexa, read slower" 
"Alexa, read at normal speed" 
Set a sleep timer
"Alexa, stop reading in [12 minutes]" 
"Alexa, set a [6 minute] sleep timer" 
Access your library
"Alexa, what are my books?" 
"Alexa, what's in my Audible library?" 
Switch profiles
"Alexa, switch profiles" when listening to an audiobook
Note: Available if have more than one profile setup through Amazon Household
Discover free content "Alexa, what's free from Audible?" 
Start an Audible trial
"Alexa, start an Audible trial" 
Purchase Books
"Alexa, read [name of book not owned]", then during sample, "Alexa, buy
Note: Audible members with credits available can purchase audiobooks using
Alexa Harry Potter Quiz "Alexa, play Harry Potter quiz." 
Choose Your Own Adventure
"Alexa, open Choose Your Own Adventure." 


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