[BCAB] Latest addition to Be My Eyes specialised help

Barry Hill barry.hill3 at sky.com
Sat Jun 1 07:15:59 BST 2019

Thanks, Ed.  Got to agree, this is an odd one, and potentially rather dodgy.
The only time I need to know which is my shampoo and which is my conditioner
is when I'm naked in the shower.  Which way does that camera face again?

Still, fun and games aside, a time that this addition would be invaluable
would be down the shampoo aisle in a supermarket.  Having someone on the
line who could quickly spot and guide you to the right shampoo/conditioner
out of a myriad of bottles would save time and effort.  I'd like to see more
companies come on board who could help with independent shopping.



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Hi all,

Many of you will be aware that Be My Eyes has recently started offering
specialised help from a range of companies including Google, Microsoft and
the HBOS Lloyds group of banks.

I think we'll all be breathing a sigh of relief that the latest
company/brand is on board.

It's ... ... ... Herbal Essences from Procter and Gamble???

I guess if you've ever struggled with inverting a bottle of
shampoo/conditioner and squeezing it in the general vicinity of your hair,
your time is now.


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