[BCAB] Latest update of windows features may cause problems for screen-reader users.

alexander.shannon at btinternet.com alexander.shannon at btinternet.com
Sat Jun 1 16:24:09 BST 2019

Hi all,


I was recently offered a Windows  update which said it  contained new
windows features.  On Taking it I noticed some issues relating to operation
of my computer:

1.	Complete loss of sound, which on further investigation turned out to
be caused by changes to the way the sound settings were accessed, and
therefore meant a bit of fiddling with volume sliders for  both system
Sounds and Jaws once I found them.
2.	One of the other changes was that I had to accept   the license
agreement again for all office applications, (as I'm using Office 365),
although  it seems this only needs to be done for one application, and can
then work across all Office apps.
3.	When In Word, I noticed that there are two formats for word now,
.xml format or document format.  I picked document format, was that the
correct thing to do from a screen-reader perspective?

Alexander Shannon 


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