[BCAB] Amazon and taking a screen shot?

henry at henryandangela.co.uk henry at henryandangela.co.uk
Sat Jun 1 19:32:11 BST 2019



Good evening folks

I am having a problem purchasing goods from Amazon.  

Using latest version of Jaws and Windows 10.

After placing my goods in my cart, I log in and then presented with a screen
asking to confirm delivery address and on the same screen a question about
does this order have gift items or promotion codes etc, by default this is
unchecked so I leave it alone.

On the next screen at the top jaws reads out "select payment method"  but
there are no links or buttons.  Further down the screen  I encounter an edit
field asking me to enter a gift card or promotion code etc.  I ignore this
and go to continue and end up back on this screen and I go around and

I called Amazon and after about an hour, they decided they would like screen
shots of these pages.


My questions are:

Has other members experienced these difficulties checking out of Amazon? And

How do I take screen shots of the web pages?

Any advice will be greatly appreciated.

Best wishes



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