[BCAB] Drop Box query

Mobeen Iqbal mobeeniqbal at gmail.com
Sun Jun 2 13:26:33 BST 2019

Hi Jim.

This could be caused by jaws not refreshing in time, in other words all 
28 files not being taken in to account when jaws says 23. As for 
pressing applications on the folder and using copy dropbox link, this 
will put a link to the folder on your clipboard. You would then paste 
that in to an email to send to someone. they would then be able to view 
the folder and download the files they wish to download. To send the 
hole folder, you would need to press applications, go to send to, then 
click on compressed folder to make a zip file. once the zip file has 
been created, you could then attach that to an email or send a link to 
the zip file for someone to download.



On 02/06/2019 13:21, Jim Williams wrote:
> Hi List,
> I have a number of folders in my Drop Box and cannot work this query out.
> In a couple of folders I have 28 seperate files and I can open each file. However, when I go into the folders I am told there is a maximum of 23 files in each of these folders.
> If I highlight just the folder and not the individual files can I send them as an attachment and will all 28 files be sent?
> Jim Williams.
> www.JamesLWilliams.co.uk

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