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Mon Jun 3 18:45:37 BST 2019

A recent Applevis podcast recommends installing Windscribe.


When I put that into the iPhone several results seem to come up, and I
wonder whether anyone could help me choose which I need?


I don't know much about this, but it seems that:

*        I don't want something which will track where I go on  the web or
sells my info in a way that identifies me.

*        I think I'll only use it infrequently - when I'm away from home and
might want to use the net in a way which others can't monitor e.g. for doing
financial things.

*        For that reason speed isn't that important.

*        Unless someone thinks otherwise, I don't want to pay unless it's
worthwhile doing so.


Any thoughts would be welcome.


All the best,


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