[BCAB] Anyone tried HEOS Link

Andrew Hodgson andrew at hodgson.io
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My parents have a Denon anp which has HEOS integrated and I set it up for them over Christmas.  It was fairly straightforward, and I set it up with Alexa so it was a speaker you could play from.  I don't think they use it much now, and I think they may have an issue where Alexa can't turn on the unit all the time (it can do this sometimes).  I haven't worked out why this is, but I have only been back a couple of times since then for a day or so.

They did already use the Denon remote app and I am not completely sure of the difference between that and HEOS but Alexa can only control HEOS.  It does have all the services you would expect like Tune In, Spotify etc.


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Hi All,


Since purchasing my Denon AVRX2300W a couple of years ago, I've been just about managing to stream music from my NAS drive to the Denon controlled by the Denon AVR remote app on my iPhone.  I've also had limited success with VLC player app.  Today I came across reference to the HEOS (That's H E O S) app which can be used to control devices which support the Home Entertainment OS system.  My device is not one favoured by this functionality, but I also came across a device called HEOS Link, which claims to be the interface I need to HEOS enable my Denon AVR.  The HEOS app looks surprisingly accessible to judge by the setup screens, and I wondered if anyone has experience either of the use of the HEOS app, or HEOS link, who could give some idea of how accessible this is.


Regards and thanks for any thoughts,



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