[BCAB] Word Document Format

Katie Vecina katievecina at gmail.com
Wed Jun 5 12:25:22 BST 2019


To remove all formatting, try selecting the whole document (control+a) and
then press alt followed by h then e.

Alternatively, you could paste the text into a document as unformatted text.
To do that, copy to the clipboard in the normal way and then instead of
control+v for normal paste do control+alt+v and then arrow down to
unformatted Unicode text and press enter.

I hope one of those works.


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I have a mess of a 20 page contract specification in word.
It has bullets, numbers, letters and roman numerals as denotations.
I need to make it consistent so it looks like an adult produced it.
I thought if I copied into word pad it would remove all format and I could
start from scratch but it didn't.
Any ideas on best approach.
I think there is a keystroke for removing all format if that is likely the
most efficient manner but I don't recall it?
Assistance welcomed
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