[BCAB] Kurzweil 1000 query

Katie Vecina katievecina at gmail.com
Wed Jun 5 14:12:28 BST 2019


Try going to the Settings menu, down to Verbosity and press enter.  Then
arrow up or down to select the Scanning and Recognition category.  Then tab
into the list of actions.  There are various actions in this list you might
want to change the settings for, so explore it.  When you find one you want
to change, press tab and you'll be in a list box that let's you select to
have a message or disable it.  I think this only changes it for the current
session.  To set it as default you'd need to save the settings as default
from within the Settings menu.

I hope that helps.


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Using K1k as per the subject line and while scanning long documents from pdf
to save and edit K1k keeps telling me that the page has been scanned and the
quality. This gets tricky when reading a 300 page file for example
especially when trying to listen to the radio or give my full attention to
something else.
Ctrl can shut it up momentarily but then it goes back to informing me of its
Is there a simple way to stop it doing this and just do the bell sounds when
it is finished?



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