[BCAB] How to import Nokia contacts to Android phone

Jackie Brown jackieannbrown62 at gmail.com
Wed Jun 5 15:22:10 BST 2019

I am trying to assist my husband to import his contacts from his old Nokia
phone to his Kapsys SmartVision2.  I've saved all his contacts to his SIM
card so that they have CVF extensions, and have copied all these to a folder
on my PC.  But how do I now get them imported to his Kapsys?  Would it be
possible to upload them to Google and have his account send them to his
Kapsys, or is there another way?

Any pointers very much appreciated.  I could just take the phones to a shop
and ask them to do it, but I'd really like to know how to do it myself.

Kind regards,

Jackie Brown
Email: jackieannbrown62 at gmail.com

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