[BCAB] BCAB] Using ITV hub app on apple

Phil Smalley phil.smalley at whitecane.plus.com
Fri Jun 7 12:55:20 BST 2019


I'm still quite a novice user of apple, so please be gentle with me.

I have been having trouble with my TVONICS box recently (suggests poor signal, but pretty inconsistent), although my Samsung TV is behaving fine.  As a consequence of problems, I turned to iplayer and ITV Hub on Apple to solve the need to record.

I have managed to watch a few soaps with audio description fine, but am now unable to return to what I think is the Home Page.  There seems to be lots of "buttons" which are just labelled as "buttons", I've tried these, but still cannot get back to the perceived home page.

If anyone has any advice or notes, this will probably save my phone from being hurled across the lounge!

Many thanks in advance.

Kind regards



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