[BCAB] Copying Data Disc to PC

Andrew Hodgson andrew at hodgson.io
Fri Jun 7 14:06:47 BST 2019


When you put the CD into your computer do you not see the file on it when you browse to the CD drive?  If you don't see anything it is likely the burn process has failed in some way so you would need to get her to send it again.

Another remote possibility is you may see on the drive a program which will set up reading functionality for the packet reading software if she used that to burn the CD, but these don't tend to be used these days.

From: Roger [roger.south at sky.com]
Sent: 07 June 2019 13:47
To: 'BCAB Discussion List'
Subject: [BCAB] Copying Data Disc to PC

Windows 10 / Nero  Express

I  am hiving problems with a data CD. A friend has sent me the latest
section of her thesis for me to oversee and comment on. She normally sends
this on memory sticks but this time it's on a data CD. I'm trying to copy it
into a folder on  my PC by a copy and paste but it's not working. It's been
so long since I have done this, and not since Win 7 anyway, I can't remember
if this is the correct way to do.  Can someone put me right please.

Many thanks Roger

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