[BCAB] 3D secure timeouts

Steve Nutt steve at comproom.co.uk
Mon Jun 10 11:42:41 BST 2019

Hi Andrew,

No, it hasn't happened to me yet.  But just a suggestion.  If you press M
you should go to the next frame.  This might take you straight there.

I give you this, lest I get told off by Jackie for knowing my screen reader
well. <Smile>.

All the best


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Subject: [BCAB] 3D secure timeouts


This may be related to Michael's message earlier, but I have come across a
few sites recently which give me the challenge from my bank when buying
goods.  The challenge opens up in the same tab in an embedded frame, and I
have only a short while to complete the challenge before the card gets
refused.  I have got around this in one instance using Paypal and then when
I had this again this morning I could see what was going on and was able to
push JFW in the right direction by doing a quick search and got there just
in time.  Has anyone else seen this?

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