[BCAB] well done google but, the store

Steve Nutt steve at comproom.co.uk
Mon Jun 10 17:18:26 BST 2019

Hi Ian and all,

I have reported this to both the Chrome Access list and Disability Support.

All the best


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Hi Andrew,

Just tried the link you gave.  I managed to select a model of phone in two
ways, but neither method is what we've come to expect from Google.

The first method was to turn off the virtual cursor with Insert+z, then use
tab to get to the button then press space to activate it.

The second method was to display a list of form fields with Insert+F5,
navigate down to the required button and press enter.  Then route Jaws to
virtual cursor and perform a left click.

Sort of useable, but not really accessible.



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Hi Steve,

Actually I couldn't get either of your methods to work using Chrome
74.0.3729.169 and latest JFW 2019:

- Using the bypass key and then hitting space didn't work (I tried this on
the different options and also by arrowing to the select word;
- Routing JFW cursor to virtual PC cursor and pressing virtual left mouse
button didn't work (again trying in various locations of the page).

This is on the page:


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