[BCAB] well done google but, the store

Jackie Brown jackieannbrown62 at gmail.com
Mon Jun 10 17:18:28 BST 2019

Hi Ian

Yes, your first method was the way my husband tried it, but he said he had
slightly better luck with NVDA.  But hopefully they will rectify the problem
at Google.

Kind regards,

Jackie Brown
Email: jackieannbrown62 at gmail.com

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Hi Andrew,

Just tried the link you gave.  I managed to select a model of phone in two
ways, but neither method is what we've come to expect from Google.

The first method was to turn off the virtual cursor with Insert+z, then use
tab to get to the button then press space to activate it.

The second method was to display a list of form fields with Insert+F5,
navigate down to the required button and press enter.  Then route Jaws to
virtual cursor and perform a left click.

Sort of useable, but not really accessible.



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Hi Steve,

Actually I couldn't get either of your methods to work using Chrome
74.0.3729.169 and latest JFW 2019:

- Using the bypass key and then hitting space didn't work (I tried this on
the different options and also by arrowing to the select word;
- Routing JFW cursor to virtual PC cursor and pressing virtual left mouse
button didn't work (again trying in various locations of the page).

This is on the page:


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