[BCAB] Braille Sense: Connecting to EE Wireless Router

Andrew Hodgson andrew at hodgson.io
Tue Jun 11 10:21:12 BST 2019


If the BrailleSense is not seeing any wireless SSID when you scan for wireless networks then you have to deal with that rather than trying to put in other names manually for the SSID.

My guess is that the router uses an automatic channel selection to find the best channel for the local area which is not populated, and it has homed in on a channel outside the range that the BrailleSense supports.  I have this problem on the Victor Reader Stream as well.

To fix this you need to go into the router settings and find the settings concerning channel on the 2.4 wireless network.  If it is set to auto then you need to change it to a lower number (for example in my case it was set to auto and was picking channel 11 which didn't work).  Once done see if the BrailleSense can see the wireless network.  Once it can see the wireless network you should be good to go.

To be honest I don't use my Victor Stream with wireless because of this issue, I would rather get a stronger wireless signal on a better channel than have to make it static to accomodate this one device.

From: Pele West [pele.westlists at gmail.com]
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Subject: Re: [BCAB] Braille Sense: Connecting to EE Wireless Router

Hi Steve

Thanks for writing.

So, to confirm, what is the format of the 2.4 G channel name? Do you put
-2.4g or -24g? Do you have to have two profiles on the Braille Sense,
one for each channel?

Apologies if these are silly questions, I am out of my depth here.


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