[BCAB] Braille Sense: Connecting to EE Wireless Router

Steve Nutt steve at comproom.co.uk
Tue Jun 11 12:54:46 BST 2019

Hi Pele,

B/G means it can only connect to 2G networks that support Wireless B and G.
if your router is trying to force an N connection, then these devices won't
connect.  If your router is set to Mixed Mode, you should be OK, but if it
only accepts the more modern N connectivity, then B and G devices may be
locked out.  You would need to change the wireless mode of the router to fix
this.  Most routers are set to mixed mode, so should be OK, but if someone
has been tinkering with the settings, this could be another reason they
won't connect.

All the best


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Hi Mike

I suspect that if your machine is a Braille Sense Plus 32 it is not able to
connect to a modern router. I had this problem with my old Braille Sense

Looking at the hardware specification for the Braille Sense Plus in the
manual, it says "Wireless: WLAN b/g".

The hardware specification for the machine I have, Braille Sense U2 QWERTY
says "Wireless: WLAN (IEEE802.11 b/g/n". This is the same for the Braille
Sense U2 Mini.

I don't know what this means, but I do know that I could only connect our
old Braille Sense QWERTY machines to an older router. Once Peter and I
bought Braille Sense U2 QWERTY devices they connected to the new router.

Apologies for this garbled message. I hope it sheds some light on the
subject. If you have a newer machine, I apologise.


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