[BCAB] Win 10 weirdness.

Tiddy. tiddyogg at madasafish.com
Tue Jun 11 14:41:34 BST 2019

Win 10, Jaws 2019, HP laptop.

I normally leave the machine in sleep mode, and open the lid to wake it up.
It says "locked screen" so I push Escape.
It then normally says "Welcome" and Enter gets it away.

This morning it wouldn't come out of the Locked state.  It seemed very 
busy as Jaws would only echo key presses after several seconds, then 
repeat "Locked Screen" again
In desperation I tried the old alt-ctrl-delete trick and it started.

It's started twice since OK.

My question, which my efforts to get the thing going prompted is-
How do you force a shut down on this laptop.  hHolding the start button 
down doesn't work?


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