[BCAB] access on android

Steve Nutt steve at comproom.co.uk
Thu Jun 13 14:23:39 BST 2019

Hi Roger,

On the Pixel 3A, there is no "Recents" key at all, you have to do the two
finger slide.

I assume you have a Samsung, since Recents is only on the left on Samsung

All the best


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To the left of the home key is a recent key, tap that and above the home key
is a key which might be of interest for closing stuff down.
I'm not sure what lazarillo is so this might not be the correct combination
for what you want.



On 13/06/2019 11:46, john gallagher wrote:
> hi all yes it's come on loads in the past few years
> i must say though i am struggling to say close down an app for instance
when i finesh with lazarillo i should swipe up with two fingers for the app
> then i swipe up and right with one finger and select actions now if i then
press cancil lazarillo still runs.
> the other big gripe of mine is when out and about it's so hard to type
something in  to the phone is their a real good dictation app.
> but again though this pixel three aye is amazing.

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