[BCAB] my thoughts on android

john gallagher john at pianotuner.plus.com
Thu Jun 13 18:22:04 BST 2019

hi all,

well at last after hours of mucking about i have got the two finger swipe up gesture working so i can get to the app drawer it's not easy a very fast swipe up.

although i am a very good touch screen user i must say this pixel three is very good indeed but still android is on the fidderly side. 

braille is just about a non starter and this is where ios scores. sadly there are not a lot of very good scanning apps on android but again i am very lucky to have the choice of both systems. 

as phil said earlier  a lot of understanding is needed when using android as a totally blind person. 

the big thing at the moment is typing out an invoice or letter. this is why again i am so lucky to have the polaris. 

one strange thing on the play store is it says google assistant not installed but if i say okay google it is there i am sure steve said something about this months ago. but i forget what he actually said. 

it will be interesting to take both phones out when it stops raining to try lazarillo out. for the price though i am more than well pleased. 

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