[BCAB] New Android Accessibility video demonstrations available on Vital Tech

Darren Paskell darren.paskell at pocklington-trust.org.uk
Fri Jun 14 09:22:23 BST 2019

Dear All,

With Android accessibility rightly proving to be such a hot topic at the moment, I'm pleased to be able to tell you about some new videos covering basic functions of TalkBack and Google Assistant, which we have just published on the Vital Tech videos page:

Topics covered include turning on TalkBack, making and receiving phone calls and sending texts. This means Vital Tech now has videos introducing each of these functions with a screen reader and voice assistant, covering Android and iOS platforms. I know many of us do far more with our smartphones and tablets, so do send me any suggestions you may have for other content you'd like to see. I certainly hope these demos will serve as a starting point for anyone wishing to get a feel for what accessibility features are currently available on mainstream smartphone platforms.

Please do take a look and if you like what you see, feel free to spread the word. As I say, I'd love to hear your thoughts and suggestions for improvements or future areas and would welcome any correspondence to that effect off-list.

Thank you! I really hope this will help to better inform anyone considering a smartphone or tablet purchase in the future.

Kind regards,

Darren Paskell
Technology Information Champion
Thomas Pocklington Trust: for people with sight loss

darren.paskell at pocklington-trust.org.uk

07964 193980

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