[BCAB] thoughts on android

john gallagher john at pianotuner.plus.com
Fri Jun 14 09:59:50 BST 2019

hi list
phil thanks for the post

i can type fine on this new phone it seems better than ios well my i-phone eight. it's just that i cannot get the dictation to work on the android keyboard. 

thanks steve for the scanning advice envision is fine and knfb also i must admit because the camera on the pixel is so good i now get great results. 

fantastic about the post from darran there's a great android resource for us all there. 

now i took a look at google lennz but i did not spend much time with it just wonder how best to use it. 

steve with google keep i must take a look on the polaris it is not very good. 

i must say the chess bak beta slaughters me every time but again this phone is so powerfull. 

i feel very proud of myself for getting this far with no sighted help around. 

i will try today to connect my polaris to the new phone but i will be disappointed with braille in android i know. 

thumbs up then 

again, for someone new to android you must go for something like this pixel on android 9. but you will find it more difficult to cope with than your i-phone at first. i will win with it though because then i have the best of both worlds. 

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