[BCAB] Scam Warning

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Fri Jun 14 10:30:24 BST 2019

I received a phishing email recently, and forwarded it to 
phishing at hmrc.gsi.gov.uk
HMRC requests that all suspected scams are reported to that address, and
such requests are acknowledged.

All the best,
Richard Godfrey-McKay
Telephone: 01738-445-880 
if you haven't called before you may be asked to identify yourself by the
Truecall call screening service
Mobile: 07791 452 593	

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Subject: [BCAB] Scam Warning

I have just received in my imbox a scam message which is worth mentioned
just because looks very genuine.
It is contain a reference number, and all other things which makes you to
think is coming from HMRC for tax return.
It is clameing to answer for a tax return, which in my case was 450GBP.
What made me concerned?
A too short term to clame your money back.
Investigating further I have discovered in the e-mail details the sender
being an e-mail from Canada which not make any sence with HMRC uk together.
Pay attention to such messages and double check all details before clicking
any link and filling any form with your tax details.

Best Regards,
Adrian Tamasan
Assistive Technology Trainer
Accessible Computer
M: 07788241125
W: https://www.accessiblecomputer.co.uk
Skype ID: accessible.computer
TW: @AccessibleCompu
FB: http://www.facebook.com/AccessibleComputerTraining

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