[BCAB] the dictation on android

Steve Nutt steve at comproom.co.uk
Fri Jun 14 12:26:26 BST 2019

Wow, never seen that before.

I think you need to go into Settings, Language And Input, and make sure the
Dictation checkbox is checked.

All the best


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Hi list,

Steve it's very good of you to help on this.


I can find this button but it says disabled 


So I must go in settings somewhere.


Now I will try and set up email I have stopped gmail from syncing so, I am
going to use aqua mail which I have on my polaris. This is for my pianotuner


In gmail it's very fiddly trying to delete emails. 


This is where the polaris mini scores and it really is great to do emails in
braille grade 2 and so fast. To delete them all you can just select all and
press space d to get them out of the way.


I must say though for a blind person android has moved on loads and with
patience I will master it again the polaris scores with typing big emails
and say invoices.

I do see see on the play store polaris office

How have they managed grade 2 braille to work

Just like on the braille note touch but it's a lot of money for a braille

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