[BCAB] Scam Warning

Paul Roberts anorack at ntlworld.com
Fri Jun 14 23:21:13 BST 2019

Hi all,

Just to add that no organisation will ask you for such info, so if you get
either a phonecall, letter or email eledgedly from such companies asking for
such info ,it's a scam and it should be reported.


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I have been told in the past that
the HMRC will not ever ask you for money or give a rebate via
email or over the phone.
They prefer to put the boot in by letter.

On 14/06/2019 09:57, Accessible Computer wrote:
> Hi,
> I have just received in my imbox a scam message which is worth mentioned
just because looks very genuine.
> It is contain a reference number, and all other things which makes you to
think is coming from HMRC for tax return.
> It is clameing to answer for a tax return, which in my case was 450GBP.
> What made me concerned?
> A too short term to clame your money back.
> Investigating further I have discovered in the e-mail details the sender
being an e-mail from Canada which not make any sence with HMRC uk together.
> Pay attention to such messages and double check all details before
clicking any link and filling any form with your tax details.
> Best Regards,
> Adrian Tamasan
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> Accessible Computer
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