[BCAB] Office 365

Vic Pereira vic.pereira at virn.ca
Mon Jun 17 22:12:12 BST 2019

Hello Ian

If you are running Windows 10 you can try the following:

Press the Windows Key
Type the name of the Microsoft program you want to run, Word, Excel etc.
When the one you want comes up, press the applications/context menu key
Arrow down to Open File Location and press the Enter key
When Windows File Explorer opens up focus should be on the executable
program you selected
Press the Applications/Context Menu key
Press the letter N to go to the Send To menu
Arrow down to Desktop Create Shortcut and press the Enter key
Press control+F4 to close Windows File Explorer.

This doesn't exactly answer your question, but it will put the application
shortcut you want to run on your Desktop making it easier to find later. You
can always rename the shortcuts on your Desktop by pressing F2 when you are
focused on one of them. This way you can delete the Word Microsoft if it is
there. Then you can find them by first letter navigation. Or you can access
the properties by pressing the applications/context menu key when you have a
shortcut in focus. Then you can also assign a hotkey such as control+alt+W
for Word.

Hope this helps.


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I am thoroughly confused. I have downloaded and installed Office 365. I have
been told the installation has completed and i am ready to go. However, when
I do a search for any of the Office 365 programs, none of them are found.
However, when I open a disdocx file, it opens in Word. What is going on here
and how can I get the list of Office programs to appear in the  program
list? If I should need it, what is the microsoft accessibility phone number?

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