[BCAB] Android Apps for Readin Word Documents

Angela Owen angela at theowens.plus.com
Sun Mar 3 12:34:35 GMT 2019

Hi All

I have a Samsung Galaxy S9 phone and am looking for a good app to opem and 
read the text of Word documents quickly and easily.  It could be 
self-voicing so I can listen to the document even with the screen turned 
off, but I also want to be able to scroll throuh the text using Talkback to 
read it in smaller bits, check word spellings etc.

If I try to read a document in Word itself, I only have the options  to 
read by character, word or paragraph or to read the whole document at once. 
 It's very difficult to navigate to a small area of text to read that area 
in finer detail.

The only app that comes up for sharing when opening a Word document 
attached to an email, for example, is @Voice Aloud Reader.  I also have 
Envision AI and ID Pro on my phone, but both of these apps only read PDf 
and not Word documents.  There seems to be a fault in @Voice Aloud in that 
When I try to share or open a document, the document never starts reading 
or opens in the app and I have to find and open it throuh the file list in 
@voice Aloud itself, which takes more time.  @Voice Aloud Reader also only 
plays the text using its own text to speech and can only be navigated by a 
sentence at a time and Talkback is disabled from reading the text when 

Does anyone know of any other apps I can try just for readin?  It doesn't 
matter about being able to edit the document or about the format, jut to 
simply read and  examine the text.

Best wishes

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