[BCAB] BCAB list messages ending up in Junk mail

Jim Williams jwuspaceman at gmail.com
Tue Mar 5 21:46:23 GMT 2019

Hi Edward and List,

I've had exactly the same problem on my PC and it started last Friday I 
believe. Co-indidentally, the slow of genuine junk has slowed right down to 
my Spam box.

Jim Williams.

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Subject: [BCAB] BCAB list messages ending up in Junk mail

> Hi all,
> An increasing number of emails from the list seem to be ending up in my 
> Junk email folder on my iPhone, around 30 in the last two days. I using 
> Gmail and IMAP.
> I have moved each one to my Inbox in the hopes that future emails from 
> that sender at least wouldn't be classed as Junk again, but this doesn't 
> seem to have had an effect.
> Is there anything that I can do which will be more effective either on the 
> iPhone or by logging into my Gmail account?
> Cheers,
> Ed
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