[BCAB] Better quality clear Dyno tape, anyone got any ideas?

Mobeen Iqbal mobeeniqbal at gmail.com
Thu Mar 7 11:15:02 GMT 2019

Hi Sandra.

That's an excellent tip, many thanks.



On 06/03/2019 16:29, Sandra Gayer wrote:
> Hello Mo,
> If you are looking at mainstream products, check the MM. Dimo tape is
> 9MM or 12MM. Anything wider won't fit. I use printer labels and put a
> page at a time through the Brailler. Sometimes, the labels come off in
> the Brailler and it's an adventure getting them out, but otherwise,
> it's fine and they last and last and last!
> Very best wishes,
> Sandra.
> On 2/25/19, Brian K. Lingard <BKL at ncf.ca> wrote:
>> Dear Mo & List:
>> Try asking RNIB what the thickness & width of their Clear Dymo Tape is, and
>> whether the obtain it directly from Dymo or another firm.
>> Also, check with the vendors on Amazon as to what the width and thickness
>> of
>> their tape is. While you are obtaining specs. Ask the Six Dot Label people
>> what their recommendations are for tape thickness & width.
>> Nice thing about clear Dymo is you can read ink print under it. If you
>> order
>> tape from a firm, which says it meets the specs of Six Dot Braille, but the
>> tape does not work correctly, have someone check the tape thickness with a
>> micrometer and the width. One or both measurements may be off slightly.
>> Notify the supplier of your findings, as well as ask about a refund on the
>> tape you have purchased which does not work well.
>> I have seen Dymo tape in ¼, ½. In addition, One-inch widths. The Perkins
>> Brailler Dymo Adapter uses
>> ½-inch tape. Have seen the One-inch wide Dymo listing the number for
>> Transit
>> Control, 555 on the TTC PAX telephones at each end of the subway platforms
>> in Toronto. Numbers are so large you can read them with your fingers.
>> Obviously, for the convenience of blind Transit staff!
>> Brian K. Lingard VE3YI, Ab2JI, B. A., C. T. M.
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>> Subject: [BCAB] Better quality clear Dymo tape, anyone got any ideas?
>> Hello Everyone.
>> I am using a product from the US called the six-dot braille label maker.
>> Logan Technologies sell it in the UK. It takes 9MM tape for Brailling the
>> labels. However, it does not seem to like the RNIB clear tape at all. It
>> works fine with the black tape they have supplied, but I would much rather
>> use clear tape. Does anyone know where to get some better quality 9MM Dymo
>> tape from in the UK? There are many products on amazon but they seem to be
>> coloured and I do not know if they would fit a Braille dyno gun or the
>> Braille label maker. Any suggestions much appreciated.
>> Many thanks,
>> Mo.
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