[BCAB] Typing on the iPhone

Paul Roberts anorack at ntlworld.com
Sat Mar 9 00:41:44 GMT 2019

Hi Garard.

Well I've been using an I-Phone since March 2014 and am stil using an
I-Phone 5S.

I to am a slow typist, although I have quickened up a bit in recent years.

Am not sure what setting you have for typing but I am stil at the double tap
to activate each letter/number/symbol.

This setting can be changed and one change is to have it so you move your
finger around the keyboard and when you get to the letter or whatever you
want to type ,once you find that and lift your finger off, that activates
the letter for you.

Alternatively you might like to get either an Apple or other keyboard, which
wil make using the I-Pone much easier for typing and other things.

Although I have an Apple Keyboard, I've not done a great deal with it.

You might wish to get a portable Braille display, such as the Orbit 20,
which wil also enable you to read in Braille, what you've typed.

Also, ther are sevaerl apps you can download which are meant to help you
type more efficiently, by roughly placing your finger on the letter you want
to type and the app brings up a list of suggested letters and I think words.

Must admit I'm not in favour of these aps as I prefer to get the letter
right away.

One very good tip is if you are typing anything, whether that be a text, a
facebook message or Email on your I-Phone, is to place the phone on a flat
surface and plug headphones into it, This should enable you to type a little
faster than holding the phone in your hand and also holding it at an angle,
which is what I have to do.

Finally ,when typing on the I-Phone, there is a facility which guesses what
word you were trying to type. This usually apeares at the top of the
keyboard and so if a word comes up which you actually wanted ,you can double
tap on it and the word is then in the text of your message.

Do hope the above helps.



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Hi all

I'd be interested in the experiences of others. I've been using an
iPhone now for a few years. I can type on it but I'm not a very quick
typist on the phone. By contrast, I find my sighted friends and family
are able to type much more quickly, at times I'm bombarded with
messages. Is that others' experience also and is there anything I can
do to speed up?

Kind regards


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