[BCAB] Typing on the iPhone

Life in Six Dots hello at lifeinsixdots.com
Sat Mar 9 08:40:04 GMT 2019

Hi Ger,

Personally, I think that Brailliant BI 14 is brilliant for iPhone users. If you don't want to use a braille display then I can recommend the BraillePen Slim which is a Perkins style keyboard and helps with the gestures on the phone. Another option is to use the virtual braille keyboard if you don't want to carry an additional device.

Best regards, Paul

On 08/03/2019, 23:13, "Gerard Sadlier" <gerard.sadlier at gmail.com> wrote:

    Hi all
    I'd be interested in the experiences of others. I've been using an
    iPhone now for a few years. I can type on it but I'm not a very quick
    typist on the phone. By contrast, I find my sighted friends and family
    are able to type much more quickly, at times I'm bombarded with
    messages. Is that others' experience also and is there anything I can
    do to speed up?
    Kind regards
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