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Hi again Joe,

Here is a snippet from a Webinar which I found at:

Here's the relevant text:

Punctuation, Permanent
1. Go to the JAWS window > Options menu > Voices submenu > Voice Adjustment.
2. Press TAB to move to the punctuation combo box.
3. Press UP or DOWN ARROW to move through the choices.
4. Press ENTER to close the dialog box when you have made your selection.
NOTE: Punctuation can also be set permanently using the JAWS Startup Wizard
in the JAWS Help menu.
Punctuation Changes for Individual Programs using JAWS Quick Settings
You may want to have punctuation set to ALL for some programs such as
programming language software, but not the rest of the programs you use.
1. Open the JAWS Quick Settings dialog box with INSERT+V. Notice that the
title bar should read "Quick Settings - Program Name," where Program Name is
the program focus was in when you opened Quick Settings. Changes you make
will only apply to this program.
2. Type punctuation in the search edit box. JAWS filters the results in the
tree view below to show only those items that match the search.
3. Press DOWN ARROW to move to the tree view item punctuation, and then
press SPACEBARto toggle through the choices until you find the one you want.
4. Press TAB to move to the OK button, and then activate it with the
SPACEBAR. The JAWS Quick Settings dialog box closes.

It isn't what you would like but it does give you the option you want.


Phil Medway.

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Hello Phil,

Somehow I seem to recall that it might have been insert-p, insert being the
jaws key

This has changed, or, on this system, it no longer works.
Of course it does with n v d a, but not jfw 2019.

I can't locate any info on this quick shortcut key in the documentation.

It looks as if aplication specific punctuation settings are done in voice
profiles now.
All I want, is a quick key, to switch levels. Not alot extra to ask for your
six hundred quid or whatever it is these days.

I should stop carping, and catch some tenis commentary I reckon.

Thanks phil.

Joe Paton
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