[BCAB] Curious e-mail reading problem

Catherine Turner catherineturner2007 at googlemail.com
Tue Mar 12 09:39:13 GMT 2019


An odd thing is happening with an e-mail I'm trying to read, I wonder
if anyone can understand this...

I often read my e-mail via gmail's "basic html" view on the web.  In
the list of messages, before opening the actual message, it shows you
an extract from the message.  Once opening the message, if it's
particularly large, it will say "message clipped" and provide a link
to view the entire message.

Today with a particular message when I open it there seems to be no
content whatsoever.  So I click the "view entire message" link and all
that seems to be in there is an image.  I opened the message on
gmail's "inbox" app on my phone and again could not find any text.
According to a sighted person it did look like the text of the message
was contained within an image.

All of which suggests to me the message is purely images.  But there
are a couple of strange things I don't understand:
1.  In the list of messages on the web, in the extract of the message,
it says "Hi Catherine".  I had thought google gets that extract from
the first few words of the message but maybe it can extract it somehow
from the image.  But, weirder to me:
2.  When I go to forward or reply to the message there is all the text
quoted below my reply.  With other messages which seemed to be
image-based the quoted message from the basic html view has always
been blank in my experience.

I don't understand how the text is visible as text when quoting to
forward or reply but not when viewing the actual message on either my
phone or the web.  I was going to write to the sender and ask them not
to embed their text within images for accessibility reasons.  But I
don't understand what's going on here and I can't advocate to them
without being clearer on what the problem is here.  When viewing the
original message I can't find any text at all, not even the link which
appears in the quoted text for "click here if you have trouble viewing
this e-mail".

Please has anyone any idea what's happening here?


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