[BCAB] Moving block of files to folder

Alan Booth a.t.booth at btinternet.com
Tue Mar 12 14:49:31 GMT 2019

Hi Jim

Are all the files you want to move in the same folder?

If so highlight them all with control and a, copy them to the clipboard with
control and x or control and c, then go to the folder you want them to go in
and control and p for paste.

Job done.



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Subject: [BCAB] Moving block of files to folder

Hi List,

This one has got me stumped but it's probably quite simple.

I have a block of file atachtments and I want to move them to a new folder.
Is there one keystroke I can use to move these 28 files in one go or do I
have to open each one seperately and move them that way?

Jim Williams.
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