[BCAB] Kapsys: Transferring Files Again

Steve Nutt steve at comproom.co.uk
Thu Mar 14 12:21:58 GMT 2019


Well upgrading to JAWS 2019 certainly speeds up explorer navigation.

Also, what synthesiser are you using?

Finally, turn off all panes such as the Preview Pane in Explorer.

All the best


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Hi Everyone

You may remember I was unable to transfer files between my PC and Kapsys
Smartvision2 phone. I have now solved the problem by uninstalling
Explorer++64, which I used instead of Windows Explorer as Windows
Explorer ran slow using JAWS.

Does anyone else have this problem, and, if so is there a solution. I am
using Windows 7. Windows Explorer runs fine using Window-Eyes and NVDA.
Would it be sensible to upgrade to JAWS 2019 or would that cause other

Pele West

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