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Andrew Hodgson andrew at hodgson.io
Fri Mar 15 15:01:07 GMT 2019


The manual for the product says it has both VGA and HDMI ports, it is unlikely you will brake anything and it won't fit if it is the wrong connector.  Most monitors these days come with either HDMI or displayport connectors, VGA is getting old hat now.

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Subject: [BCAB] New Monitor

I apologise for the cross posting but I'm trying to reach as many as
possible.  I have just taken delivery of a new 24 inch Samsung  monitor. As
George said it is a 9 pin connection rather than the 15 pin on it's
predecessor . This is not a problem but I noticed the Dell Vostro 3268
desktop I have seems to have a socket that appears to be the right size
right below the 15 pin port on the back of the tower. I haven't tried to
plug anything into it in case I'm not correct and end up frying something.
Does anyone know if this machine has dual connection ports for 9 and 15 pin
cables please.

Many thanks  Roger

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