[BCAB] Kapsys and WhatsApp Again

Steve Nutt steve at comproom.co.uk
Tue Mar 19 12:41:21 GMT 2019

Hi Pele,

I can't say, but it works with Android P and Q.

I do agree though with Kapsys assessment of it.

All the best


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Hi Everyone

In case anyone is interested, I wrote to Kapsys about not being able to edit
WhatsApp messages. Steve's suggestion of navigating by character does not
work as the characters in the edit box do not speak.

The reply from Kapsys is:

"The cursor moves correctly into the edit field but there is no
It seems that the edit box is not standard and has been customized by
WhatsApp. So the vocalisation of the cursor doesn't work well.
So the only way to change a text is to erase the characters and type them

Is this a Talkback or a Kapsys issue? Does anyone successfully use WhatsApp
with Android M and Talkback?


Pele West

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