[BCAB] Downloading from audible.co.uk

Phil Smalley phil.smalley at whitecane.plus.com
Thu Mar 21 09:54:37 GMT 2019


Unfortunately, I have changed my PC.  Moving from Windows 7 to Windows 10 at
the same time.

I had hoped a work-around might be to use the old Windows 7 PC to download
my purchases, however, this too has apparently stopped working - not far
before completion of the download!

So, on Windows 10 computer, I have installed Audible Manager, given admin
rights when launched and tried Firefox and Internet Explorer to initiate the
download process.

However, when I click on the download link for the book I want, nothing
happens!  Actually, a file, "admhelper" is downloaded to my computer.

The destination for reading, is a 2nd Gen Victor Reader Stream.

Fortunately, I'm not paying £7.99 a month for this inadequate solution.  Any
suggestions please?

Kind regards


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