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Colin Phelan Colin_Phelan at pmlgroup.com
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Thanks George, your consideration is appreciated.
I am more concerned about the macro aspects of this and as you say where it will go with regard to ATW which is one of a diminishing number of central services that our country have left that we can be proud of.
It appears a very binary tactic and whilst understanding everyone needs to save money in the current environment I would have thought policy makers could use greater intellect and imagination in developing strategies - actually thinking about it maybe not!
Best Regards 

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Hi Colin,

I hope Brendan Magill's message below, and his offer, makes sense.

(It's a wonder they haven't also gone the other way, and made a deduction for those in the work place who spend time looking up private issues on work systems)


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Hi George,

Yes I've come across this many times as it has been part of the AtW rules for several years, though I think they are tightening up on it a bit these days.  It is often possible to make a case for them paying the full amount but that can sometimes take a bit of negotiating.  I'd be more than happy to have an initial conversation with Colin or anyone else about how to present their case if that would help.

Although I do charge for my services I'd be willing to have that initial chat with Colin or anyone else about this or other AtW or broader work related issues at no charge.  Please feel free to pass this and my contact details on to Colin or to the BCAB list if you think that would help.




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