[BCAB] Accessing RNIB talking newspapers on an iPhone

Paul Porter Paul.Porter at rnib.org.uk
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Hi Claire

You are looking for a link that says 
Publications rss listing in alphabetical order

Log in at

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Hi Paul, I think we're making some progress, so when we log in, we see a few different options for different types of content, e.g., magazines, newspapers etc., so if we then select a magazine that she wants, and eventually come across the different links, one for the Epub version, and a txt version etc. Are we on the right track, and if so, the what does the URL that needs to be pasted into the app end with, we have one with an epub extention, a txt extention, a mobi extention, and I think a html one as well, would any of those be the thing we paste into the native podcasts app? 

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> On 24 Mar 2019, at 21:13, Paul Porter <Paul.Porter at rnib.org.uk> wrote:
> Hi Claire
> On the tnauk.org.uk website, once you've logged in, there is a list of titles with rss feeds. Each title has it's own rss url which you then copy into the podcast player. You then enter the log in details. You do this for each title you want to subscribe to.
> You will see an Itunes list and a rss list. Choose the rss list.
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